Healthy Wealthy Yoga is born from a place of sharing deeply rooted knowledge in yogic philosophy and spirituality.

Our founder Pradyumna Dasa refers to this foundational Yoga Center as a second home and aspires to bind the community together.

We aim to collectively begin a journey that truly incorporates health for mind, body and soul.


We have carefully designed a schedule consisting of Yoga classes, Meditation and Kirtan. This balanced approach allows our bodies to become stronger and more flexible, and encourages our minds to find a calmer and serene viewpoint. We are also aligning with our sister company, Healthy Wealthy Vegan restaurant in our quest to nourish the soul.


Come join us and experience this complete chain of health and longevity that London residents and visitors alike are looking for.


Joining together with our sister company Healthy Wealthy Vegan restaurant, our founder Pradyumna Dasa is striving to be a change that we need to see and be in this world.