Marie Noonan

Marie is bringing a depth of Knowledge and creativity to our new

Healthy Wealthy Yoga Studio. With 20 years experience in teaching Yoga

and Meditation along with several years of management in Healing

Studios, we are in safe hands with Marie.


Officially trained as a Personal Trainer in 2002, Marie then moved

onto qualifying in as a  Clinical Pilates therapist in the same year.

She then completed

her first Diploma with Maire Quaill in Hatha Yoga in 2005. This course

was a two year training that laid a strong foundation for Marie.She

would later realise that this foundation is in "safe spine principles".

Following continued education through Massage, Holistic Coaching, a

Diploma as a Detox specialist and healing modalities such as Theta

Healing and Bio Energy Healing Marie found her next official Training

in Kundalini Yoga with Shanti Prasad

in India in 2017. Marie specialises in one to one Coaching and Injury

Rehabilitation and holding Group Classes that have a strong emphasis

on Breath, Meditation and Alive spine protocol.

Marie is a born healer and has a presence that allows for

transformation on subtle levels for life balance and flow.

Monika Imre

Yoga to me is a way of inspiring lives and a meaning of discovering oneself .


I was first introduced to yoga and mindfulness in 2015 by a good friend of mine Justina who invited me to her Kundalini yoga and  Ayurveda workshop where I completed a basic Ayurveda course on the 3 doshas or body types and Ayurvedic diet . Motivated by the workshop I started to practice every day . I got so fascinated by the effect of Yoga had on my body and mind . The more I practiced the more connected and calm I felt. I could feel I  had really found my passion . I was truly inspired by my amazing teacher Angelika Grohmann who is supporting me all the way on my yoga journey and inspired me to complete my teacher training course .

I spent 5 weeks intense training in the breathtaking Himalayas in Rishikesh, India  September 2017, where I completed a 200 hours training registered by Yoga Alliance which included meditation, yoga philosophy anatomy, alignment classes , and the Asana practice  Hatha and Ashtanga. Waking up at sunrise starting the day with mantra chanting and silent meditation , doing 7 hours physical and theory practice during every day I went through all phases but most importantly it helped me to go beyond my limits of body and mind . Since my training I keep studying,  practicing and participating in yoga events and workshops as to me this is an eternal journey of growing internally .I am truly inspired by such great yogis like Yogananda, Krishnamacharya, B.K.S. Iyengar, K

.Pattabhi Jois

I find it important to include in my classes  not just the Asana practice but also meditation, pranayama , mantra chanting, yoga anatomy, and the science of chakras or energy centers and their connection to the physical and emotional body.


My goal is to transmit the essence and spirit of yoga in a harmonious way through my teachings .


" Keep practicing and all is coming "