Nadi Pariksha - precision in pulse diagnosis

Our authentic Ayurvedic consultations use the art of Nadi Pariksha. It is an ancient
Ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse that can accurately diagnose
physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases.

Nadi Pariksha pulse diagnosis is a non-invasive science that enables to reach the root cause of health issues and not just address the symptoms.
Nadi Pariksha understands the vibratory frequency of the pulse at various levels on
the Radial artery. Subtle vibrations are read at seven different levels vertically
downward that help in ascertaining various functions in the body. The pulse, when
examined, reveals both physical and mental characteristics of the patient. This is
interpreted in the form of symptoms along with their prognosis, which helps in
understanding the cause.

Thus, Nadi Pariksha forms the basis for addressing any ailment in an individual. Additionally, it is also the scientific tool that enables an individual to secure their personalised wellness regimes that range from therapeutic massages, personalised diet, exercise programmes, rigorous detoxification and lifestyle transforming experiences.
The time tested and age-old natural way of healing, Ayurveda has taught that any
presence of disease in our system will be indicated as an imbalance in our ‘doshas’.
The key to cure and keep our body in good health is to balance the doshas and bring
back balance to the body system. The principles of Ayurveda follow the natural way
to diagnose diseases and bring back balance to the body, and one such mode of
diagnosis is ‘Nadi Pariksha’.
Prior To Examining:
For precise diagnosis, it is recommended that the consultation be done on an empty
stomach or 2.5 hours after food. The reason behind this principle is because after
food the metabolism process begins, distorting the pulse reading. The Ayurvedic
practitioner will ask the client to fill out a health form.
The duration of an Ayurvedic consultation session is 30 minutes.
Following a brief introduction of Ayurveda, the specialist-trained practitioner will
place three fingers on the wrist of the patient and identify imbalances within the body.
A specific diet, herbal supplements and lifestyle will be recommended.