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Marie Noonan

Marie is bringing a depth of Knowledge and creativity to our new Healthy Wealthy Yoga Studio.


With 20 years experience in teaching Yoga

and Meditation along with several years of management in Healing Studios, we are in safe hands with Marie.

Monika Imre.jpg

Monika Imre

Yoga to me is a way of inspiring lives and a meaning of discovering oneself .

My goal is to transmit the essence and spirit of yoga in a harmonious way through my teachings



A dynamic and passionate yoga teacher. Her aim is to teach invigorating, energising, strengthening classes with a solid emphasis on breath and bandha control for proper posture and full benefit of poses.


Beata (Bee)

Beata teaches classes that are lively, challenging and dynamic, with an additional focus on breath-work. This allows her students to benefit from a fun, nurturing and calm environment and to experience a practice that heals and detoxifies the body and mind


Ester Gobler

Experimenting with and experiencing the healing effects of the various kriyas and meditations through my daily practice is what keeps me passionate about Kundalini Yoga. I'm always excited to share these vast and rich teachings in classes and workshops.